Enrolment Newsletter for September 2015 Term 1

What a fun term we've had singing about our favourite toys in Music with Mummy,and learning about the Carnival of the Animals in Three Four Time. Next term’s Music with Mummy theme is called Our Day and we will be singing about routines, mealtimes, bedtimes etc. In Three Four Time we will be singing our way through the Story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar with our Harvest theme.. 

Because I have little ones at home I no longer run summer sessions, but my colleague Deb Denny does, and if you email her on sandddenny@blueyonder.co.uk she will send you her summer programme, be sure to tell her you're currently attending my classes!

Flexible arrangements for next term for parents with reception children

Some of you may have children starting school in September, and as someone who has recently been through this process twice, I know how frustrating staggered induction can be when trying to plan your schedule. Please do bring along your reception child if you need to, or if you have to switch for a week or so because their induction times clash with class, that's absolutely fine as well. 

New payment arrangements, no more cheques please.

Due to my local branch of my bank recently closing down, I am not accepting cheques and would prefer payment by cash, BACS or Paym. 

Payment schedule and waiting lists—payment is always due before the end of the current term (July 17th) for returners.

If this is a problem, please do come and talk to me and I will be more than happy to make an exception, but you do need to let me know if you are coming back. If  I haven't heard from you by July 17th I will assume you no longer need your space, and if your class is currently full,  your place will become available for me to offer it to someone on the waiting list. All classes are full except for Three Four Time and all MWM 10:10 classes. 

Enrolment information for term September 2015

Payment is due for returners before by July 17th at the latest please, unless by prior arrangement.

Term 6 runs for 6 weeks starting WB 7th September & my final class of the term is on October 16th

Jolly Babies is £4.00 per class/ £24. There’s no theme, we’re just incredibly jolly!

Music with Mummy is £4.25 per class / £25.50. The theme is My Day

Three Four Time is £4.50 per class / £27.00.  

Payment can be made by cash,  BACS (please email for details) or other Paym (use my mobile number 07583509441)  please make sure you make reference to your child, day and class time!!! e.g. alex1020wed

If you bring two or more children, please reduce the price by £1 per week for each extra child

Lateness to class

Classes start at 9:30, 10:10, 10:50. 11:30. 1:00 (Mon 34 time) or 12:45 (Fri 34 time) sharp. On the rare occasion I start late it is normally because I am waiting for people to arrive.  I appreciate you may get held up from time to time, but being consistently late to class is not helpful to the smooth running of the session.

Taking unpaid holidays  In line with other MWM franchisees, there will be no reductions for holidays. You are always very welcome to come to a class on a different day or send a friend in your absence, if you miss a class or two because of a holiday or illness. Up-to-date-class days and times are on my website.

Some reminders and guidelines for happy classes

Safety and running around in class

Please remember that whilst in class your child’s safety is your responsibility. Please don’t make your toddlers sit still on your lap or stop them moving around, dancing or bouncing –I LOVE that, but I really do need eyes in the back of my head sometimes or 8 arms to keep all my bits and bobs in order and your help is much appreciated! Also, if your child is running around the room, and off task, please call them back to sit with you as once one goes, they all go!

Noisy tantrums   We’ve all been there! It can be distracting and sometimes upsetting for the rest of the class, so please take them out of the room for a little while to settle and quieten down.

Mobile phones in class, photography and video Please switch off your mobile phones and have fun with your child, and please seek permission before taking photos or videos in class out of courtesy and for safe guarding reasons.

Eating in class Snacks during class are not allowed as your toddler may have to share their banana with 9 other children!

Illness and sickness bugs We adopt the same policy as most schools. Please keep your child at home until 48 hours after the last incident of illness (i.e. vomiting or diarrhoea), and 72 hours if it’s coming from both ends!

Have a fantastic summer

Debbie x